Project objectives

Leonardo Partnership

M-Learning and other good practices in ICT teaching

Our objectives are:
  1. Promoting job placement and improving skills in a foreign language:
    1. Learn about other educational system on Vocational Training and work environment in different countries.
    2. Study on the most professional requirements demanded in the ICT work environment in different countries.
    3. Improvement of the communication skills in a foreign language in a professional environment (VOLL).
    4. Increasing job placements for students enhancing the search of employment and companies to make possible the internships in Vocational Training in other partner's countries (network mobilities I.V.T. - Initial Vocational Training).
    5. Analysis of the European Framework of the Professional Qualifications (EQF) in the ICT environment.
  2. Exchange of good practices of didactic materials and methods:
    1. Creativity and innovation in the development and use of new technologies in education.
    2. Improvement of the quality in the education system promoting the exchange of experiences due to the mobilities of teachers and students.
  3. Study about new educational tendencies about e-learning:
    1. Explore the advantages of using m-learning (mobile learning) in education.
    2. Experiences of e-learning for students and also for students with special education needs.

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